Alteil on hiatus, new direction for this site:

As anyone who is a fan of Alteil knows, the game is currently on hiatus while the US licensors try to get things back up and running.

As there is currently no Alteil news to talk about, I intend to write short review articles regarding some other online games I have tried. Stay tuned for further updates.

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The End of an Era – Alteil under Gamepot USA management shuts down

Gamepot USA has never been seen as particularly effective stewards of the games under their command, so it has come as no surprise to many the announced closing of the game under Gamepot USA management. After all, Gamepot USA has closed down every single game they managed, from Fantasy Earth Zero to Mir2 and now finally Alteil.

Don’t give up hope yet if you’re an Alteil fan though. Rumors abound already regarding the future direction and management of the game, meaning that its likely to continue in some form or another.

While players wait and see what the future holds or might hold for the game, why not discuss what one would like to see in the game? Personally, I’d prefer a more intuitive battle field that supplies crucial information that was previously withheld such as number of turns a unit is immune or the number of times an ability has triggered (some of these abilities are shown under battle data, but a good number don’t show up anywhere).

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Crazy Fists (Martial Artists)

Hello again.

Today, I’ll be writing about a tribal theme that has been pretty much neglected by majority of the community until the most recent errata changes, Martial Artists. Before I proceed further, have a look at the card file.

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Level 140 card choices

Hello again.

It has been a while since I last posted. In the interim I have managed to earn 5,000 exp or 10 levels worth of experience points in order to gain my next level up. The choices I received are pictured below:

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Reader Feedback

Its been a while since I posted any information here. I’d like to take this time to gather feedback from readers on what they want to see me write about.

Feel free to post comments in this thread’s post and I’ll take the feedback into consideration on what to write about next.

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